Aug 03, 2011

Heavy setback

Dear friends,

just shortly after I finished writing my article last week a momentous event occured during the training session.

I felt a pain in my left thigh and had to cancel the training immediately. The checkup that was run by a specialist in Munich brang out a torn bundle of muscles. This will result in a eight week long compulsory break.

I'm unbelievably disappointed of course, especially due to the fact that the preparation went really well for me and I was hardly looking forward to the start of the season. Now my main goal is to completely cure the injury and come back onto the pitch as soon as possible. At least the team won the match against Germania Windeck and reached therefore the second round of the German Cup.

I will give my best to support the team mentally so that the season kick-off against Hannover 96 will be succesful. The team from Hannover played a fantastic season last year and have to underline their ambitions at home, while we know from the 4:0 victory last season how to play against them.

I'm nonetheless really excited and hope to be back as soon as possible.