Nov 18, 2010

A promising week despite the loss

Dear friends,

it seems that we are contracting a bad habit and concede goals during injury time. Same as the Baden-Derby against the Sportclub Freiburg, which seemed to end as a goalless draw, until we had to take the goal against. It ended similiar to our loss against Bayern Munich on the fifth matchday and even last week, when Hamburg scored the equalizer two minutes away from the half-time whistle.

Basically, we showed a good performance and produced top-class chances, but eventually, we have been ineffective. I came after 66 minutes into the match and gave everything to help the team and decide the match for us.

That is why I really looked forward to yesterday's international against Slovakia. The Slovakian national team achieved the last 16 in the World Cup this year and lost narrowly against the Netherlands. Although I only played the last ten minutes, I'm happy that we won the match 3:2. Hopefully my hard work will also pay off at TSG in the next league match in Frankfurt. In the last season we came back from the Commerzbank-Arena with three points due to our 2:1 victory. Let's hope for a similiar outcome on Saturday!

Keep your fingers cross for me on Saturday! I'll come back to you next week!